AvaLight-LED Light Sources for Fluorescence Applications

The Avalight-LED is a compact, low-cost light source meant for fluorescence applications. It produces continuous or pulsed spectral output at different wavelengths. Some standard excitation wavelengths are shown in the table on this page, but other wavelengths are available upon request. The sources have an SMA-905 connector to couple to fiber-optics. Please note that the power supply (PS-12V/1.0A) should be ordered separately.

The AvaLight-LED can be used as a DC source or pulsed with a programmable Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), supplied by an AvaSpec-USB2 spectrometer (IC-DB26-2 cable needed).

The CUV-DA is a cuvette cell holder that has an integrated LED for direct illumination of the cell. This provide greater excitation energy for fluorophores with low quantum efficiency.

Other accessories include the CUV-FL and CUV-ALL cuvette holders and the FCR-UV fluorescence probes. They can be found in the accessories and fiber-optics chapters of this website. 

  • Low cost fluorescence excitation
  • Compact
  • Flexible excitation wavelength

AvaLight-LED brochure


led output

  AvaLight-LED355/380 AvaLight-LED400/410/430 AvaLight-LED450/470/490 AvaLight-LED530/590/780
Spectral Range* 355/380 nm 400/410/430 nm 450/470/490 nm 530/590/780 nm
FWHM (nm) 15 nm 11 nm 30 nm
Optical power 600 µm fiber 10 µWatt 25 µWatt
Connector SMA-905
Power supply 12 VDC, 40 mA
Dimensions, weight 175 x 110 x 44 mm, 480 grams

* other wavelengths available on request

 AvaLight-LED-XXX  Light Emitting Diode Lightsource, specify wavelength XXX
 AvaLight-LED-XXX-RM  Rackmount version of the Light Emitting Diode Lightsource, specify wavelength XXX
 AvaLight-LED-CON  LED lightsource control unit with electrical connector to LED, needs extra PS-12V/1.0A and interface cable.
CUV-LED-XXX LED holder for Cuvette, specify LED wavelength XXX.
CUV-DA Direct-attach cuvette holder for AvaLight-DHc/XE/LED
IC-DB26-2 Interface cable AvaSpec-USB2 platfom to AvaLight-LED for PWM
PS-12V/1.0A Power supply 100-240 VAC/12VDC, 1.0 A for AvaLight-LED