AvaLight-XE-HP High-power Pulsed Xenon Light Source

The AvaLight-XE-HP is a pulsed xenon light source, perfect for ultraviolet applications, such as fluorescence. This high-power light source comes in a compact housing, which makes it very well-suited for integration into a customer's existing systems. Compared to the AvaLight-XE (2W), the XE-HP provides significantly more power. 

When connected to your AvaSpec spectrometer through the Y cable, the flashes are synchronized with the data collected by the spectrometer. The number of flashes per scan can be selected in AvaSoft. 

Spectral Output 200 nm to 1000 nm
Total Optical Power output max 6W / 39mJ per flash 
Synchronization Input 9 pin sub-D connector, TTL level
Pulse rate (max.) 150 Hz
Long Life   > 1,0 x 109 flashes
Connector SMA-905 connector
Power requirement 11-28 VDC/ 2.08A
Dimensions, weight 98 x 44 x 35 mm, 192 grams


6W Xenon Light Source (200-1000 nm), with Y-cable for powered trigger connection.
Needs extra PS-12V/2.08A power supply

PS-12V/2.08A Power supply 100-240 VAC/12VDC, 2.08A for AvaLight-XE-HP