AvaSoft-Full & AvaSoft-All

The AvaSoft-Full version offers many more possibilities and options than AvaSoft-Basic. 
In the table below you can find the similarities and differences between the two versions.

For the greatest flexibility, AvaSoft-All includes AvaSoft-Full and all application modules described in the subsequent pages. This means you can perform color, irradiance, chemometry, LIBS, thin film and Raman measurements, process control and real-time exporting to Excel all in one convenient software package.

Product information

Option Basic Full All
Editable data collection parameters per channel, such as detector integration time, auto-dark correction, signal averaging, spline interpolation and spectral smoothing. X X X
Display data in scope-, transmittance-, absorbance-, or relative irradiance mode. Multiple spectrometer channels are displayed in the same graph, optional grid display. 3D display for multiple spectra in time series. X X X
Save spectra, and display online measurements against (multiple) saved spectra background. Print (multiple) spectra in color. Convert saved spectra to ASCII format in equidistance (nm) with start wavelength in nm. Automatic save spectra periodically (save a spectrum every x seconds). X X X
Help menu option to find quickly a description about any AvaSoft topic. X X X
Time Series in which the output of user defined functions, integrals, peaks (intensity, wavelength) can be followed simultaneously against time. Functions can be entered in Visual-Basic script. Time series measurements can be saved/loaded and printed. Zoom and panning functions can be utalized to quickly expand an interesting part of the time series measurement to a full graph. X X X
Auto Wavelength Calibration. In combination with a Mercury-Argon Light Source, a number of peaks can be detected automatically. These peaks are then compared with the wavelengths where they should have been detected, and a regression fit is performed to calculate the best wavelength calibration coefficients.   X X
Correct for drift. Master and slave channels with similar range can be used to correct for changes in the light source.   X X
Save live to file. X X X
Store to RAM for ultrafast data saving for a limited amount of scans.   X X
External trigger control to acquire spectral data only if a TTL signal is presented with optional integration time delay settings.   X X
Convert spectra to other file formats. X X X
Merging spectra of multiple channels to one spectrum.   X X
Full Width at Half Max calculations, online or on saved spectra. Graphically displayed. Integral calculations, online or on saved spectra, graphically displayed. X X X
Auto-configure integration time: AvaSoft searches for an optimal integration time. X X X
Automatic Save Dark by TTL shutter.   X X
LIBS application.   X X
Thin film application.     X
Raman application.     X
Irrad application.     X
Color application.     X
Chemometry application.     X

Custom made modifications are possible, please contact us for more details.

Order information

AvaSoft-Full Full version of AvaSpec software for Microsoft Windows
AvaSoft-All Full version of AvaSpec software, including all application add-ons