Collimating Lens

To convert divergent beams of light into a parallel beam, a collimating lens is needed. Avantes collimating lenses are optimized for the UV/VIS/NIR range (200-2500 nm) and have anodized aluminum housings.

The COL-UV/VIS and COL-90-UV/VIS have a 6 mm diameter lens with a confocal length of 8.7 mm. The COL-90-UV/VIS is used when a 90-degree exit angle is needed. The focal point for the COL-UV/VIS and COL-90-UV/VIS can be adjusted. The COL-UV/VIS can also be ordered with an FC/PC connector.

The COL-UV/VIS-25 is the big brother of the COL-UV/VIS. It has a lens diameter of 25 mm and a confocal length of 50 mm. This larger collimating lens is suitable for collection of light in free space.

Lens Diameter 6 mm 25 mm
Lens confocal length 8.7 mm 50 mm
Lens Material UV grade Fused Silica
Wavelength range 200-2500nm
Fiber connection SMA 905, UNS 1/4" (standard, FC/PC also possible)
Mirror reflectivity n.a. >90% (200-1100nm) n.a.
Housing Material Aluminum black anodized
Thread UNF 3/8"-24 n.a. M6 (on the side for OPM mounting)
Temperature -30ºC to 100ºC (-HT version 200ºC) -30ºC to 100ºC

COL-UV/VIS Collimating lens for UV/VIS/NIR, incl. SMA adapter and adj. focus
COL-UV/VIS-FCPC Collimating lens for UV/VIS/NIR, incl. FC/PC adapter, adj. focus
COL-90-UV/VIS Collimating lens under 90 degrees for UV/VIS/NIR, incl. SMA adapter
COL-UV/VIS-25 Collimating lens 25 mm for UV/VIS/NIR, incl. SMA adapter and adj. focus
DA-COL-SPEC Direct Attached Collimator for Spectrometer. Usable for parallel incoming beams