Cosine correctors

To collect light from a 180° angle, cosine correctors are used. This eliminates optical interface problems associated with the light collection sampling geometry inherent to other sampling devices such as bare fiber-optics, collimating lenses or integrating spheres.

Avantes offers four different models of cosine correctors: The CC-UV/VIS and CC-VIS/NIR have a 3.9 mm active area, and dimensions of 18 mm (L) X 6.5 mm (OD). The CC-UV/VIS is made of Teflon which especially suited for measurements in the 200-800 nm range, whereas the CC-VIS/NIR covers the full UV/VIS/NIR range of 200-2500 nm and is made of Radin Quartz.

The CC-UV/VIS/NIR-8MM works as the CC-VIS/NIR, but has an active area of 8.0 mm and dimensions of 29 mm (L) X 12 mm (OD). The specialized CC-UV/VIS/NIR-5.0 has a 20 mm active area is used for solar measurement applications requiring a 5° angular field of view has a 20 mm active area and is much larger than the other cosine correctors measuring 317 mm (L) X 38 mm (OD).

Active Area 3.9 mm 8.0 mm 20.0 mm
Diffusing material Teflon
ca 1 mm thick
Radin Quartz (200-2500 nm), ca 1.5 mm thick
Dimensions 6.5 mm diameter, 18 mm long 12 mm diameter,
29 mm long
38 mm diameter,
317 mm long
Sampling geometry accepts light at/from 180°FOV accepts light at 5°FOV
Connector SMA 905
Temperature -30°C to +100°C

CC-UV/VIS Cosine Corrector for UV/VIS, incl. SMA adapter
CC-VIS/NIR Cosine Corrector for UV/VIS/NIR, incl. SMA adapter
CC-UV/VIS/NIR-8MM Cosine Corrector for UV/VIS/NIR, 8 mm area, incl. SMA adapter
CC-UV/VIS/NIR-5.0 Cosine Corrector for UV/VIS/NIR, 5.0°FOV, incl. SMA adapter