Micro Flow Cell

For in-line measurements of low liquid volumes, Avantes offers our micro flow cells. The micro flow cells feature a Z-design and can easily be coupled to 1.5 mm PTFE tubing with 0.5 mm inner diameter. Typically these are used for absorption measurements and HPLC applications. Two special fiber-optic cables (FC part number terminating in FIA)are required for coupling with these micro flow cells. The special fiber-optic cable is the window for these flow cells.

Flow Cell Type Micro flow Z-cell-10 Micro flow cell-1.5
Wavelength Range 200-2500 nm
Optical path length 10 mm 1.5 mm
Sample volume 18 µl 3 µl
Tubing OD connection 1.5mm (1/16")
Pressure rating 10 bar
Fiber optic coupling 1.6 mm ferrule
Dimensions / material 32 x 38 x 13 mm / PEEK

FLOWCELL-Z-10 Flow Z cell with 10 mm optical path
FLOWCELL-1.5 Flow cell with 1.5 mm optical path
FC-UV400-1-FIA-SR Fiber cable 400µm, UV/VIS, sol. Resistant for Flow Z cell 10/1,5