Vacuum Feedthrough

These feedthroughs are designed forThese feedthroughs are designed forthe use with fiber-optics in vacuumchambers, such as for plasma andcoating deposition monitoring. They can be used in chambers with wallthicknesses of 5-40 mm and vacuumlevels up to 10-7 millibar.

The feedthrough assembly consists ofan M12 housing with Viton® O-ringand two SMA fiber-optic interconnects to allow easy coupling to fiber-optic cables and probes. In order to connect these assemblies to fiber-optic cables inside/outside the chamber, two extra SMA fiber interconnects (ME-FI-SM-MM) should be ordered separately.

The vacuum feedthrough can be delivered for all fiber diameters, from 50 μm up to 1000 μm for UV/VIS/NIR. A high temperature version of the vacuum feedthrough(-HT) is also available enabling the device to withstand temperatures up to 200°C.

 blz 105 FC-VFT-XX

Fibers 1 fiber, diameter 50µm, 100µm, 200µm, 400µm, 600µm, 800µm or 1000µm
Wavelength range 200-800 nm (UV/VIS), 350-2000 (VIS/NIR) or 250-2500 nm (UV/VIS/NIR)
Connectors Standard SMA905 connectors (2x)
Wall thickness of vacuum chamber 5-40 mm
Leakrate < 1x10-9mbar.l./s
Temperature -40 ºC to 100 ºC (-HT version 200°C)

FC-VFT-xx50 Vacuum feedthrough for 50 µm fibers, incl. SMA adapter, needs 2 extra SMA interconnects
FC-VFT-UVIR100 As FC-VFT-xx50, for 100 µm fibers
FC-VFT-UVIR200 As FC-VFT-xx50, for 200 µm fibers
FC-VFT-UVIR400 As FC-VFT-xx50, for 400 µm fibers
FC-VFT-UVIR600 As FC-VFT-xx50, for 600 µm fibers
FC-VFT-xxR800 As FC-VFT-xx50, for 800 µm fibers
FC-VFT-xx1000 As FC-VFT-xx50, for 1000 µm fibers
ME-FI-SM-MM SMA fiber interconnect, 2 pieces needed for each vacuum feedthrough

(specify xx = UV for UV/VIS fiber cables, IR for VIS/NIR

-HT High Temperature version (up to 200°C)